Philip Myers, Treasure Hunter, Owner
I have over 25 years of metal detecting and 45 years of treasure hunting experience.

  • Past President, Board Member, and Member of the West State Archeological Society.
  • Metal detected in 5 states and 2 countries.
  • White’s certified and factory trained Spectra V3i & DFX.

Visit our Tampa Store

5601 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 237-1939


Due to the historic designation of our location we are unable to make changes to the existing structure & steps. As always, we provide a portable ramp, curb service, and delivery. Phone/horn/convenient buzzer for service.

Store Hours

Since we do recovery of lost items, our hours are flexible. For best service, please call ahead to verify hours:

Open 6 Days
Monday - Saturday
Phone Orders 9:00 am – 8:00 pm